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Gold and Black Furniture Sets

I like to look at nature when it comes to colour palette inspiration. I am looking at Black & Gold and what I found were clouds at sunset, golden leaves on soil. An interesting combination. One representing the close of the day and the other representing the closure of a leaf’s life.

Curve Side Table at Furnship
gold round table situ
Curve Coffee Table at Furnship

The leaves feed the earth and create new life and sunsets draws the day to an end. I can see why black and gold furniture is so attractive. It’s like seeing a burst of light over the edges of a shadow.

Sophisticated and elegant as the gold light gracefully succumbs to darkness. I would like to introduce the new collection of black and gold seating that compliments our black & gold tables. Setting the scene for a furniture world to enjoy watching the sunset from. The velvet sofas are plush and comfortable. A great choice of sofa fabric to add a touch of luxury. The sofa comes with matching armchairs. It creates a great sofa set. With the times of today, many people are buying furniture online. We hope our online furniture shop can provide what you need for creating a beautiful home.